David has always had a way of taking little moments and making them into special gestures. When they were friends, he remembered a brief conversation, where he learned that she only liked red and white gummy bears. He parsed through several pounds of gummy bears to gift her a big bag of just red and white ones, and this was before they were even together. That’s the moment she knew he was the man she would marry.

On a sunny April afternoon, they were wed, Yosemite Falls in the background. The day was full of huge smiles, dreamy looks, and emotions. It was the perfect first day of the rest of their lives. They’re so adorable together, the way they look at each other, and how easy they are together. They are constantly holding hands, whether they’re walking, standing still, or sitting in the car. Hannah is the only one David is outgoing with. David is the only one who can temper Hannah’s spitfire personality. They balance each other perfectly, and I can’t wait to see the many years of happiness ahead of them.

I suck at taking pictures of deer. They’re so cute though!

Why Hannah fell in love…

“Obviously I initially thought he was very handsome. He also was very easy to talk to, funny, and quick-witted. I loved all of that! Now, I appreciate what a source of calm and stability he has been for me. I can be very emotional and quick to anger. I KNOW that I can be difficult to deal with sometimes, but in eight years he has never once even so much as raised his voice to me. Even when I know I am being an absolute terror, he is still calm and patient and knows how to diffuse the situation. That is something that I need more than anyone could ever know. My life has also truly just been trauma after trauma (my family life has been difficult and kind of crazy since I was 10 through until now even still), and he is one source of absolute calm and stability. He is the one thing in my life that is always constant, dependable, and calm. I would be nowhere without that right now.”

Why David fell in love…

“I think what attracted me to her initially was how smart and mature she was. What I love most about her is that through the years we’ve been together, she’s always been the same person I knew from the start. She can be serious and be the one to always plan for the future, but also be a goofball and fun to be around. What anyone needs in life is someone to be by their side through good and bad, and she’s always been that for me. People say you have to make sacrifices in relationships to be happy, but I don’t feel like I’ve had to do that with her because it feels like she was always meant to be part of my life. I guess what I really love most about her is that being with her doesn’t feel like “being with her,” it feels just like us, together.”

I love how many tourists we meet while working in Yosemite! This group of hikers were coming back from lower Yosemite Falls trail, and when they saw Hannah and David, they started cheering, clapping, and jumping up and down. They randomly made this tunnel, and the bride and groom ran through. This is the adventure!

We’ve met people from all over the world, like the family below, who really wanted their photo taken with the bride and groom.

The proposal

Hannah is the world’s biggest fan of The Office. Like the BIGGEST. (It’s like me with Friends, guys.) So two summers ago she and David planned a day trip to Niagara Falls, and on a perfect, sunny June day, he proposed at the top of the Falls. He wanted to propose on the Maid of the Mist, but feared losing the ring. For those among us who are not Office aficionados, Pam and Jim sneak away on their wedding day and get married by themselves on the Maid of the Mist before their “real” wedding. It was the most fitting proposal for Hannah and David, in many ways.