We are honored to have Cortney and Craig’s Modesto wedding photography featured with a bridal blog in the UK!  Thank you, Vintage Bride, for featuring Cortney and Craig’s amazing vintage wedding!!!

Check out the feature here: http://vintagebridemag.com.au/cortney-craigs-relaxed-backyard-wedding/




Cortney and Craig had the perfect vintage backyard wedding. Root beer floats and s’mores? YES PLEASE!

When I poked my head in to Cortney and Craig’s house, Cortney was running around in her underpants, no makeup on, her long hair falling around her shoulders, and she was as beautiful as ever. She has to be one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever known, not just because of her appearance. Her personality shines through and her smile is contagious. She’s sweet, funny, bubbly, generous, kind, and full of love. Her heart is huge and she’ll stop at nothing to make Craig happy. When they’re together, it’s obvious they were made for each other, pulling silly faces, making each other laugh, finishing each other’s sentences. Cortney has waited for a man who would treat her like a princess, and Craig is he. He loves making her smile, and you can tell by the way he looks at her that he absolutely adores her.

This First Look was, by far, the best we’ve seen. Craig was completely in the dark about her gown. When I saw it in person and started fawning over it, Cortney hushed me, saying she didn’t want Craig to hear me, because he didn’t even know it was vintage. When he turned around and saw her, his jaw dropped open and Cortney grinned, swaying side to side, making the skirt swish, swish, swish. “You like it?!” she said, turning around, giving him a view from all sides. “It’s poofy!” It was unexpected, and he LOVED it. The bride who wore it before her, in 1962, is still happily married to her groom, and now another bride will have it as a memory when she’s still happily married to her groom in 53 years.

Their quaint ceremony was perfect, in their backyard, witnessed by family and their closest friends. Cortney wore a cathedral, lace-rimmed veil, and she looked just like Grace Kelly in her vintage gown. Craig wore suspenders, a bow tie, and black Converse, and he looked like a dapper gentleman from the 1950s. They both grinned ear to ear, ready to begin the rest of their lives together.

It was a perfect night with DELICIOUS food. And for dessert … root beer floats and s’mores! Does it GET any better?! Most importantly, Cortney and Craig had a blast, eating and drinking with the people they love, laughing and sharing root beer floats.