Chanda and Nate are an INCREDIBLE couple, and we loved working with them at their unique and fun wedding. They left us such an amazing review that I had to share it with you! (Don’t forget to check out their blog to see the finished product!)

Thank you, Chanda and Nate, for being amazing and fun to work with, and for this thoughtful review!

“After searching for a photographer for weeks, we finally found several that were worth interviewing. What stood out about Dawn was her enthusiasm for our event, our goals for photography and her palpable excitement to work with us. Also, she shoots great photos.
We were attracted to her look and style; her photos are artistic but aren’t “artsy” or cliche. That she shoots on film, delivering both negatives, archival proofs, and lab-scanned digital photos communicated her dedication to the craft but also the needs of her clients.
After we booked her services, she reached out several times before the wedding to get our ideas, must-have shots, and gather information about the venue since she hadn’t worked there prior.
On the big day, she arrived on time assisted by her husband, who also shoots other angles and lenses on B&W film. After getting her bearings, she started shooting, getting great photos of us getting ready, despite some awful lighting. We got married at a camp, so the venue wasn’t traditional, to say the least. This didn’t deter Dawn, who found light, shadow, color, and contrast among the tent cabins and surrounding forest.
She guided us through the posed photos, as neither of us had any prior experience being professionally photographed yet still captured candid moments where we were laughing or being playful.  Weddings are stressful enough, so it was a real pleasure to have fun and relax with the photographer before the ceremony.
During the ceremony, she took close-ups while her husband took wide shots. Neither of them interfered or distracted us or guests which really made a difference to the whole experience.
When it was time to assemble the three-dozen odd family members for the post ceremony group pictures, she helped wrangle everyone, get the right people in the photo, and get the shot quickly and efficiently. As a result, we had extra time to spare for additional photos in different attire that we hadn’t initially budgeted for.
She captured our reception speeches and subsequent dance party staying longer to make sure we got the photos we hoped for.
A couple weeks after the wedding, she put some shots on her blog and on Instagram, and wrote about the event and how she was honored to have been part of our wedding. In addition to the blog, she presented us with an online gallery of all the photos, but the big surprise was on it’s way to us.
We were overjoyed to receive a keepsake proof box with over six hundred photos, a flash drive with high-res digital scans, and the archival negatives. We truly loved how the photos turned out and how she captured us that day.
Despite the hundreds of mobile phone pictures our friends and family took, Dawn and her husband found unique moments, and composed shots that stand out and are some of our favorites.
Dawn worked hard before, during, and after the wedding making sure we got the pictures we hoped we would get; so we thank her for helping create lasting memories of the day.”